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Code of practice

Warnings for severe weather are in the national interest since in most severe weather events, if sufficient warning is given, some actions can be taken to mitigate the effects and the total cost of storm damage reduced.

Severe Weather Warnings should be supplied according to the following Code of Practice.

(Code of Practice for Release of Severe Weather Warnings by the Crown Supplier (currently Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited) to Other Organisations)

1 - Organisations who receive Severe Weather Warnings will undertake to:

  • Pass them on to clients without modification. Organisations are free to interpret these Warnings for clients.
  • Pass them on to clients as top priority, usually within one hour after they are received from the Crown Supplier.
  • Have systems in place that alert the Organisation when a Warning has been sent from the Crown Supplier.
  • Acknowledge that the Crown Supplier has provided the Warning when it is passed on to clients.

2 - The Crown Supplier will supply Severe Weather Warnings to any Organisation which agrees to follow this Code of Practice.

  • MetService places Severe Weather Warnings on this World Wide Web site with the stipulation that those accessing the weather information comply with the above Code.

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